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I never get bored. Since I am a columnist at heart, the first thing I read in magazines are the columns, followed closely by the features, the cars.

It could be a beater car and totally unimpressive, but the story could be amazing. When starting in the magazine industry, I had no idea about how circulation worked, and how difficult it would be.

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I feel good about our magazine because of our demographic, which was around before the digital stuff, so they still are loyal print readers. I was adamant that I would not give it away for free. My time is worth too much, and the magazine is worth too much.

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  • You can get down below easily by going into the parking garage and looking for a gate leading to the canal. You can find this magazine in a railroad car by the western side of the railway hub, inside the second from the top car across the road. Near the western side of the Southdowns, across the street from the Perfect Waffle food place, head through several old warehouses to a small stair leading to the docks and a storage garage you can open up with the magazine inside.

    This magazine is found on the central island's RV Camp, on the North end among some picnic tables.

    This magazine is found in a segregated auto shop named Trago, so you'll have to force your way into the garage to find the magazine in the far corner. To find this magazine, get a boat or swamp airboat and travel to a fortified island on the Eastern side.

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    Once through the main gate, look for a dark small storage warehouse across from a large blue warehouse to find the magazine inside in a office. Was this guide helpful? YES NO.