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I would be a bit worried about the quality of the penny items, but who knows? Definitely worth trying.

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Gail November 18, at pm I like shopping on Amazon and deals one can find. The chain is okay quality, but I may change the chain on mine. Add to cart. I bought this product about 2 months ago and I love it. There are only about 2 things in this world that make me happy and this is definitely one of them! Don't tell my husband or kids I said that We just bought a new house and needed some decor in my dining room, you know to spice things up a bit then I found this! It was just what I was looking for from the size to the shape even the color!

I have bought a lot of things off of amazon that have made me happy but between this and that moon sticker, well I just couldn't be happier. I have always wanted a mirror sticker and now I have the best one!

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Thank you so much amazon for this life changing sticker. Love these nightlights.


Just what I was looking for to illuminate my hallway. It's a good prank toy, and it's also really cheap. You have to be careful to cover the label. The label reads "Shock gum" so that's a dead giveaway. Also be careful with people with pacemakers etc.

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Liked it so much, I am going to order another, to have has a back-up in case something ever happens. I put this in my basement and it looks just like the pictures! I am a 38 year old woman with 3 kids and a husband and we all loved it so much it basically light up the whole room! I was kind of spectacle of how good this things was at first but now that I have it I am the happiest woman alive. It made my room and my life brighter. This thing is worth the world to me not even close to a single penny. The enterprise is still largely a human operation: Between 15 and 18 people at each warehouse sift through the truckloads of books, sending more than 80 percent of the material immediately to the recycling plant.

Discover Books, another major used bookseller on Amazon, is also based in the Seattle area.

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Unlike Thriftbooks, Discover Books relies on automated scanners to enter books into its system, which can handle more than 60 books per minute. Each company takes pains to pick out any rare books that might be difficult to scan automatically. Discover Books relies on its regular scanning system to pick out potentially valuable vintage books. This all happens tens of thousands of times per day. This is a game of pennies and lightning-quick readjustment. Each company, seeking an edge, builds and zealously guards its own software. He has 12 developers, a full-time data scientist and two financial analysts on his staff.

I asked Ward to track a few books for me, and within seconds he had generated a chart showing their prices over time.